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Don’t Let Cancer Have You. You Just Have Cancer.

For thirteen years, 86-year-old Jim Sickbert has been battling multiple myeloma. That should be enough for one person, however, over that time he also battled skin cancer that metastasized to his lymph node, and a bad case of shingles, all while living his life as normal as he could, and avoiding COVID-19. The widowed father…
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Bolivar’s Carrie J. Babb Cancer Center Continues to Expand Oncological Services

Bolivar, MO – Central Care Cancer Center continues to deliver leading edge treatment for cancer patients. The newest installed Varian TrueBeamTM radiation treatment machine delivers pinpoint accuracy through image-guided technology.  TrueBeam Benefits Fuses the tumor with your unique parameters.Spares healthy tissue while focusing on the tumor.Can offer shortened courses in treatment.Encompasses your breathing cycle/internal organ movement…
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An Inspiration to Fighting Breast Cancer

It’s been seven years and Karla (Dunn) Garcia continues to remain upbeat and positive in her fight with what started as breast cancer.  The Great Bend resident first was diagnosed with left sided ductal carcinoma in situ in April of 2013.  A very small lump was found during her regular mammogram.  Karla’s primary care physician…
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Triple-Negative Turned Positive

It was the middle of August in 2018, just another normal morning for Brenda Rojas.  The Garden City paraprofessional was getting ready for work when she happened to feel a lump in her left breast. Brenda had an upcoming appointment scheduled with her primary care provider, who suggested she go ahead and get her yearly…
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