Clinic Manager

Erica Camarillo, RN, BSN

Erica has been a nurse for 20 years, graduating with her RN from Garden City Community College. For 13 years, she worked as a bedside nurse at the local hospital in NICU and Pediatrics. She then transitioned to the role of an Informatics Nurse, playing a crucial role in taking the local hospital from paper charting to EMR, CPOE, and barcode scanning of medications. Additionally, Erica served as a Nurse for the local early childhood program. During this time, she earned her Bachelor of Science from Tabor University.

Erica has been with the Heartland Cancer Center for five years as of July, working as the Radiation Oncology nurse, a position she has loved every minute of and has learned so much from the role. She has one son, 24, who just graduated from K-State with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering. Erica is also oncology certified to help mix in the chemo room. She is very excited for this new position and is eager to help the clinic grow and continue offering patients efficient, safe, quality care.