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Logan JP Schrag

Logan JP Schrag is the Chief Strategy Officer for Central Care Cancer Center. He earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing and Finance, from Kansas Wesleyan University and his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Public Relations, from McPherson College. His responsibilities include providing the sustainable growth initiatives and strategies by overseeing all…
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Leann Danner

Leann Danner is the Director of Medical Oncology for Central Care Cancer Center.  Leann has been with Central Care Cancer Center since December 2011. Her responsibilities include medical oncology office management, electronic health record management, and multiple team workflows.  Leann has been an Oncology nurse since 2003 and is Oncology Certified through the Oncology Nursing…
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Amy Yarnall

Amy Yarnall is the Chief Revenue Officer for Central Care Cancer Center.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Friends University.  She is a native of Southwest Kansas and began working in oncology in 2007 with a desire to make quality care accessible to rural communities.  As CRO, she works directly with…
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Johanna Garzon

Johanna Garzon, is the Director of Clinical Trials for Central Care Cancer Center and Heartland Cancer Center. She received her medical degree from Rosario University Medical School, followed by a Bachelor’s degree of Applied Biotechnology in Canada. Johanna received her Masters of Health Administration from Grantham University. Johanna brings 12 years of related healthcare experience…
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