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Two years ago, 69-year-old Steven Kuhlman went in for his regular PSA check and his doctor, Dr. Showengerdt, told him that the number was somewhat high. They decided to perform more frequent PSA checks over the next year and in the summer of 2021, Steven’s PSA number rose to a concerning level.  He got an appointment with an urologist and a biopsy revealed that he had prostate cancer and...

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Central Care Cancer Center is dedicated to keeping cancer care close to home with facilities throughout Kansas and Missouri. Our expert team of physicians and staff, coupled with the latest technology and treatment techniques, allow us to treat a wide range of cancers that are customized for each patient.

Top-level national accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality cancer treatment for our patients and medical communities.
With a commitment to provide support services and compassionate care for each patient, Central Care is able to remain true to our goal of providing treatment equal in quality to that found in major university cancer centers and metropolitan areas. Central Care Cancer Center is home for complete cancer care under one roof.

Discover more about our distinction with ACR® Accreditation and QOPI® Certification.