Central Care Cancer Center has achieved the highest level of recognition in the country for its radiation oncology practices in Garden City and Salina. American College of Radiology, the nation’s leading radiation oncology accrediting body, awarded Central Care Cancer Center a full three-year accreditation for radiation oncology at both locations.

Heartland Cancer Center in Garden City and Tammy Walker Cancer Center in Salina are the only two ACR-accredited facilities west of Topeka in the state of Kansas.
Central Care Cancer Center is ACR accredited in Garden City and Salina. There are only 7 accredited facilities in the state of Kansas and Central Care is  affiliated with the only two ACR-accredited cancer centers west of Topeka.

In Garden City, Central Care Cancer Center partners with St. Catherine Hospital and Centura Health in providing oncology services at Heartland Cancer Center.

Among physicians, ACR accreditation is recognized as the highest achievement in medical imaging for practices and represents the peak level of quality and patient safety. Because of rigorous accreditation guidelines, only seven oncology practices in the state currently have the ACR gold seal distinction, and Central Care is affiliated with the only two ACR accredited facilities west of Topeka.

“Accreditation validates the continual quality of care we work hard to provide to our patients,” said Dr. Claudia Perez-Tamayo, radiation oncologist and president of Central Care Cancer Center. “An ACR accreditation makes it very plain to patients that the best quality of care is available at our locations and raises the bar for radiation oncology practices across the state.”

“ACR accreditation is an important achievement bar for us and for our patients,” added Dr. Yazan Abuodeh, radiation oncologist for Central Care Cancer Center. “Accreditation confirms that we are committed to providing the highest safety standards and best quality of radiation deliver, which translates to better patient care and outcomes.”

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