Financial Counselors

Treatment of cancer can be costly. It requires complex medical equipment, expensive drugs, and the services of highly trained medical professionals. The exact cost of your treatment may vary based on your personal situation.

Financial Counselors are available to discuss your insurance benefits relating to your treatments and will answer any questions you may have relating to coverage verification, necessary referrals, payment plans, and balances for which you are responsible. They will assist you in alleviating your financial concerns so you can focus on your road to recovery.

In addition, our financial counselors will work with patients to find grants and assistance to help with the costs of treatments and prescription drug needs.  Our integrated approach allows patients to receive personalized medication consultations with providers and trained medical staff.

Central Care Cancer Center provides the most comprehensive and compassionate care available. We understand that these are stressful times for a cancer patient, and will do everything we can to assure accurate and timely charge capture, bill submissions, and insurance interface when necessary to promote payment through your insurance carrier.

Central Care Cancer Center has an open door policy with a regard to ability to pay.  A discount schedule and eligibility criteria are available upon request.  If you have questions about financial counseling, filling out a hardship application or what options you may have please call your Central Care Cancer Center location:

BOLIVAR: (1-417-307-6069)

GARDEN CITY:  (1-620-805-5909)

GREAT BEND: (1-620-603-8816), (1-620-603-8846)

EMPORIA: (1-620-487-7924)

NEWTON: (1-316-281-9222)