What is Telehealth?

Patients in rural locations had to travel, sometimes hundreds of miles, when specialists were involved in their care. Now, many Central Care patients have access to their specialists thanks to technological advancements in our telehealth program. Central Care often times can bring the specialist to the patient. For those patients who travel, they sometimes can limit the amount of trips needed.


Quality Care

Telehealth offers improved
timeliness of care. Patients and
referring physicians can receive
treatment options within minutes,
while still providing superior care.

Less Travel

Reducing travel time and stress is a
huge impact for the patient, their
family, and community.
Telehealth gives patients access to providers without the need to travel long distances.

Increase Efficiencies

Telehealth can increase health
management with reduced travel
times and access to health
professionals. This creates more time to manage medication, chronic illnesses, and your lifestyle.

Access to Specialists

Telehealth allows access for
patients and referring physicians to expand beyond their communities. This gives rural areas better access to specialists regardless of location.


Genetic counseling

Hematology visits

Secure video conference

How It Works

Central Care Cancer Center will set up all of the appointments with telehealth sites and inform the necessary people
Arrive at appointment location and check in with receptionist
Nurse or Medical Assistant will help set up video conference and assist with vitals
Consultation with our oncology staff and discuss an action plan with your local provider

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“Having the opportunity to use the telehealth services enabled me to talk and have visual contact with my doctor without having to drive 100 miles for a 10 minute visit providing I had no major concerns to discuss with him.  He was very professional and open, and it was easy to converse with him via the telehealth process.”

- Karen H., Rexford, KS