Patient Services

Central Care Cancer Center works with a number of other healthcare professionals while you are undergoing your treatment to provide comprehensive support services. Most laboratory and radiology needs are provided by referring clinics or at the local hospital. These specialists ensure that all of your physical, psychological, and financial needs are met during your treatment.

Dentists may be involved in the care of patients who are receiving radiation for oral or head and neck cancers. They will help prevent the radiation from damaging the healthy areas of your mouth and oral cavity, and may recommend that you have preventive dental work prior to radiation. They will also help you manage oral complications of cancer therapy, such as dry mouth. A dental hygienist may also perform these services under the supervision of a dentist.

Cancer treatment often requires a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The staff at Central Care Cancer Center plays an important role as an active team member. This team-oriented approach is the key to ensuring optimum patient care.

You will be referred to a physical therapist if you have limitations due to your physical situation or after surgery or radiation treatment. Not only is exercise safe after cancer surgery and treatment, it is vital. Exercise combats the debilitating effects of surgery, reconstruction, radiation, chemotherapy, and fatigue by restoring strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Chaplains are available to provide spiritual guidance and emotional support to patients and their family members during this often difficult period of time in one’s life.

Central Care Cancer Center has access to numerous trained social workers who understand the special needs of cancer patients and their families. Cancer patients frequently need help dealing with the emotional aspects of their illness, social workers are instrumental in helping them cope with the stress caused by illness and the effects of treatment.

Social workers help patients make plans when it is time to leave the hospital. They are familiar with a variety of social programs available at little or no cost to the patient. They can assist finding transportation, housing, and support groups in local areas for the cancer patient and caregivers. They can also help with advance directives, living wills, and hospice programs.

We also work closely with the local hospitals, which are usually right next door to the cancer center.

Today, the internet has become a valuable resource tool for many of us. It offers a vast amount of information concerning cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatments – all available at your fingertips. Central Care Cancer Center has a dedicated “learning computer” and our staff will sit down with you and address your issues concerning your diagnosis and treatment. Information can be printed to take home and share with family members.