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(Salina, KS) – Central Care Cancer Center is offering monoclonal antibody treatment for individuals who have moderate to severely compromised immune systems diagnosed by a physician, or have a history of severe adverse reactions to vaccines. Although vaccines are the best defense against COVID-19, this is an alternative option for those who cannot receive them.…
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Lung Cancer Awareness

Lung Cancer Awareness Month The list of cancers that we can prevent, screen for, and treat effectively is not long, and lung cancer has certainly not been on that list for long. It is amazing to me to be able to witness and live through various advancement in screening and treatment of lung cancer, and…
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Early Detection Saves Lives – The Importance of Mammograms

Early Detection Saves Lives - The Importance of Mammograms If you ask many of us what our favorite months of the year are, there is a good chance October is making the list. We enjoy the change of colors, fall fests, Halloween, and it is my wife’s birthday month! It is also the time of…
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