Genetic Risk Assessments

Studies have shown that some people and families are at increased risk of developing specific cancers, if they carry specific genetic information. This means that the potential for developing these forms of cancer may be passed on from one generation of a family to the next generation. The purpose of this program is to assess the personal risk for developing cancer and or another cancer and to help formulate an individualized plan to reduce risk, help prevent the onset and promote early detection.

There are ways to reduce your risk or overcome cancer in your lifetime. If a risk of cancer runs in your family, genetic testing may be an important step for you. For more information on genetic testing for inherited cancer risk, talk to your doctor.

Genetic testing can give you answers about your risk of inherited cancers by analyzing your genes for mutations responsible for inherited cancer risk. Results will help you make informed decisions about your options for early cancer detection and risk reduction. Even if you’ve already been diagnosed with cancer, genetic testing can provide important information about your risk for a second cancer, which can help your doctor determine the most effective medical management strategy for you.

Genetic testing also provides information important to your family members, especially close relatives. In the case that you have inherited gene mutations that increase the risk for cancer, there’s chance that your parents, brothers and sisters or children might have these mutations, too.

Take the Online Hereditary Cancer Quiz – This brief questionnaire will help you determine whether you should be further evaluated for either Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer syndrome or Lynch syndrome. On average, the quiz takes less than 1 minute to complete.

Electronic Family History Tool

Genetic tests available:

  • BRACAnalysis® – A genetic test for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer –
    Informational Video
  • COLARIS® – A genetic test for inherited colorectal and endometrial cancer (HNPCC) –
    Informational Video
  • COLARIS AP® – A genetic test for inherited colorectal polyps and cancer (adenomatous polyposis syndromes)
  • MELARIS® – A genetic test for inherited melanoma

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