Karen Kindhart

A routine mammogram for Karen Kindhart resulted in a biopsy, surgery and eight weeks of radiation therapy. Karen is a survivor of breast cancer. She credits her faith and loving family, Edward Jones, where she just recently retired from after 18 years and the staff and physicians at Central Care Cancer Center.

With no family history of cancer of any kind, Karen thought it would be easy enough to skip a mammogram once in a while, but the firm where she worked encouraged its employees to get mammograms, and paid for them too. In her annual mammogram, a lump was located. It was a lump not discovered by Karen during a self-exam or even by her doctor. As far as next steps goes, it began with prayer. “I am a woman of faith, and as terrified as I was, I knew that God would take my hand and walk me through it,” Karen said. “I had a biopsy done at Newman Regional Health and my surgery at KU Med Center (in Kansas City).”

It was there that Karen’s doctor encouraged her to have her radiation treatment at Central Care Cancer Center in Emporia. “When it came down to having treatments and scheduling treatments while still working full time, I was nervous about how I was going to be able to do treatments up there. So each day from work I would go to the post office, stop at Central Care for my treatment, go home for lunch and go back to work. It was all very simple, convenient and easy,” said Karen. Plus, by keeping her treatments local and close to home, Karen only missed four days of work from the time of diagnosis to the end of her treatments.

“I consider the staff at Central Care Cancer Center like family. The first time I walked in the door I was treated with a big smile and a warm welcome. As soon as I met Dr. Wong (Radiation Oncologist) and Justin (Branine, Radiation Oncology Manager), I knew I was in good hands,” Karen said. “There were points in the treatment that were hard, were difficult, and Justin and I had to make the decision whether to maybe stop and take a break for a couple of days or maybe go home for the day.”

Linda Weides

I have cancer, Multiple Myeloma. At age 75, I chose to avoid bone marrow transplant therapy. Though I was frightened by the diagnosis, Dr. Anis Toumeh quickly put my mind at rest, noting that many other forms of treatment have been successful in controlling MM. I have been plagued with chronic anemia for a few years, prompting Dr. Toumeh to move into treatment while I still lingered in smoldering phase of Multiple Myeloma. After only four rounds of fairly comfortable treatment, I am making red blood cells again and having more energy these days!

I credit the progress to Dr. Toumeh’s invaluable expertise as an oncologist/hematologist and his ability to adapt treatment suited to my personal needs. Dr. Toumeh and his nursing staff have compassion for all their patients. The light atmosphere created by the nurses in the chemo room makes my treatment days so pleasant. My family and I have great confidence that my treatment at Central Care Cancer Center in Garden City is top-notch. My care is not compromised because I chose to be treated close to home. Thank you, Central Care Cancer Center!

Cori Presley

My family has been a part of the Central Care Cancer Center for the past 10 years.

In 2008 my younger brother, John was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  At that time we were introduced to Dr. Leo and his staff and I cannot tell you how special we felt.  We weren’t another number, we were treated as if we were the only patient/family there.  (more…)

Marcie Harris Charles & Megan Charles Kramer

For Marcie Harris Charles, 60, and her daughter, Megan Charles Kramer, 37, receiving treatment for their very different breast cancers so close to home has made a huge impact on their families, as well as themselves. Charles, who lives in Dodge City, and Kramer, who hails from Cimarron, began the breast cancer battles in 2010, when Kramer was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) — a rare and difficult breast cancer to treat due to its sheer aggressive nature to spread throughout the body. (more…)