Internal Treatment Options

Gynecologic Cesium Implants

Pa­tients are ad­mit­ted to the hos­pi­tal for one or two days to re­ceive this im­plant. With the pa­tient under anes­the­sia, the physi­cian will in­sert an in­stru­ment into the body cav­ity re­quir­ing treat­ment, and the ra­di­a­tion source is loaded into the in­stru­ment. The pa­tient re­mains in the hos­pi­tal for the du­ra­tion of the treat­ment so she can be kept as im­mo­bile as pos­si­ble while the ra­di­a­tion kills the can­cer cells. The ra­di­a­tion source is re­moved be­fore the pa­tient leaves the hos­pi­tal, and re­cov­ery is usu­ally quick and with­out com­pli­ca­tions.