For Physicians

The TrueBeam™ STx system from Varian Medical Systems uses treatment techniques such as stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) that can be particularly well-suited to treating various cancers of the lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, brain and spine. TrueBeam STx technology was developed from its inception to deliver cancer treatments with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

TrueBeam STx features many advanced technologies that may open up new radiosurgery treatment options for patients. Sophisticated imaging works seamlessly with a powerful beam delivery system and advanced motion controls that compensate for patient and tumor movement. TrueBeam STx enables fast, precise treatments.

TrueBeam STx will let clinicians visualize, in real time, the tumor that is being treated. TrueBeam imaging technology can produce the three-dimensional CT images used to fine-tune tumor targeting in 60% less time than previous generations of Varian imaging technology. Additional functionality makes it possible to create images using 25% less X-ray dose.

With RapidArc® radiotherapy technology for SBRT, the revolutionary High-Intensity Mode (which delivers higher dose rates) and a high-definition multileaf collimator (for greater accuracy and tumor-shaping), treatments are performed with accuracy and speed by a precise surgical X-ray beam. This powerful combination of imaging and treatment techniques makes TrueBeam STx fast. Patients spend less time in treatment, with most procedures taking just minutes a day.

TrueBeam STx puts your patient first. Not only is it noninvasive and fast, it was designed with the patient experience in mind. Enhanced communication technology enables constant interaction between the patient and the radiation therapist. This enhancement also allows music to be played during the treatment, which can help create a more soothing treatment environment.

TrueBeam STx:

  • Was developed from inception to expand radiosurgery treatment options for even the most challenging cases.
  • Features advanced imaging and sophisticated targeting to deliver highly accurate image-guided treatments in just minutes a day.
  • Offers the latest technologies to match treatment delivery to tumor motion, meaning there is precise targeting throughout a treatment.
  • Has submillimeter accuracy.
  • Was designed with patient comfort in mind.

You can now tell your patients about this advanced treatment solution that can treat more complex cases with ease, precision and speed. With TrueBeam STx, your patients have new options, choices and hope.