Eating Well: Diet Tips for Life After Cancer Treatment

Now that you're done with your cancer treatment, it's time to be more aware of your overall well-being. You should make sure you're living a healthy lifestyle so you can regain your strength. One great way to start is by being careful of what you're eating. Although creating a long-term diet plan can take time, here are some tips that can make things much easier for you: 

Adjust Food Portions

Experts suggest that you should eat at least 2.5 cups of fruits and vegetables daily. This way, you can get a steady and healthy source of vitamins and carbohydrates. Switch the kinds once in a while to make your every meal exciting and something you can look forward to.

You should also pick the right kinds of proteins that have a low amount of saturated fat like fish, lean meat, and nuts. Avoid consuming red meat since they can be carcinogenic.

Cut Back on Sweets

There's no harm in consuming sweets every now and then. But, eating too much chocolate and other sugary products can hamper the amount of valuable nutrients your body should get.

Also, excess consumption of sweets can cause your blood pressure to spike out of the normal range. Eating them won't satisfy your appetite as well. Instead, you will often feel hungrier than before. This will only make you look for more, which, as a result, will only sabotage your progress in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Limit Sodium Intake

Limiting your sodium intake to less than 2.3 grams per day will help maintain your blood pressure at a normal level, which will prevent you from getting cardiovascular diseases. However, your food doesn't have to be bland because you can always add different spices to it. They will bring so much life and taste to your meals.

Talk with Your Doctor About Your Diet

Beating cancer is just one step to getting back on your feet. The next is staying fit through a balanced diet paired with regular exercise. Keep in touch with our staff at the Central Care Cancer Center so you can easily schedule appointments with our specialists. They're well versed in finding the right diet plan for post-cancer treatment patients.

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