Bolivar’s Carrie J. Babb Cancer Center Continues to Expand Oncological Services

Bolivar, MO – Central Care Cancer Center continues to deliver leading edge treatment for cancer patients. The newest installed Varian TrueBeamTM radiation treatment machine delivers pinpoint accuracy through image-guided technology. 

TrueBeam Benefits

  • Fuses the tumor with your unique parameters.
  • Spares healthy tissue while focusing on the tumor.
  • Can offer shortened courses in treatment.
  • Encompasses your breathing cycle/internal organ movement in the treatment plan.

Dr. Perez-Tamayo, Radiation Oncologist and President at Central Care Cancer Center says, “With this machine we are able to see healthy tissues, as well as the tumor while we treat in real time.  This is the newest innovation in cancer treatment. When you add expert knowledge with the latest technology, it provides a winning combination.”

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