Marcie Harris Charles & Megan Charles Kramer

For Marcie Harris Charles, 60, and her daughter, Megan Charles Kramer, 37, receiving treatment for their very different breast cancers so close to home has made a huge impact on their families, as well as themselves. Charles, who lives in Dodge City, and Kramer, who hails from Cimarron, began the breast cancer battles in 2010, when Kramer was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) — a rare and difficult breast cancer to treat due to its sheer aggressive nature to spread throughout the body. (more…)

Truli Diamond

I am so grateful for the awesome care Dr. Fesen and the whole staff have given me these past 15 years. If it hadn’t been for cancer my path would not have crossed any of you. Thanks for your part in my life. Dr. Fesen and God make a Great Team!

Louice Kay Radford

The staff from front desk through the entire process from blood draws and infusions is awesome. Dr. Fesen always goes above and beyond to answer questions on the latest therapies and help on life issues.

Jolene Jacobs

I absolutely love coming here! They are always helpful to me and my children and everyone I’ve ever dealt with is so friendly!

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